VTPS adapter, and BMW type VTPS for NA6

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Variable TPS kit for NA6 miatas.

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Stock 1.6 miata on/off tps got you down? Acceleration enrichment giving you the blues?

Upgrade to one of our variable TPS kits, and start enjoying life again.

These are a bolt on tps setup for 1.6 miata throttle bodies, and feature a BMW style tps. They use a simple adapter harness to plug and play directly to the OEM tps plug to work with most engine management right out of the box.

Kits include:

printed tps adapter,
(optional) plug and play harness adapter.


As always, there is a lifetime warranty on any of our printed parts.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
With plug in adapter harness:

With harness, Without harness, Harness only

1 review for VTPS adapter, and BMW type VTPS for NA6

  1. Tory Tyler (verified owner)

    5 stars because I bought this item around March of this year, and technically it’s been working. However, the readings my megasquirt see from the vTPS fluctuate at cruising speeds, causing the TPS fuel enrichment to trigger. When my foot isn’t even on the throttle it reads like negative 10ish. It does this even after I have calibrated the vTPS in tuner studio and know my grounds are good, so I assume this issue is a faulty vTPS sensor. The harness and adapter are flawless. I recently bought an OEM BMW vTPS to see if this fixes my issue, if not then I think I have a bigger problem ahead of me lol.

    • Chris

      Thank you for the honest review!
      Your issue might not be a bad TPS. You can try rotating the TPS so that you’re not on the dead-space at the very beginning edge of the range, and try calibrating it again.

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