Miata 89-93 NA6 Full plug and play kit.

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Everything you need to upgrade your 90-93 miata to standalone engine management.

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This is our most comprehensive and easiest to install NA6 pnp kit. Everything you need to add full standalone engine management to your 90-93 miata.

The full kit includes:

Speeduino NA6 pnp ECU,
MAF/AFM delete plug,
GM IAT sensor,
8ft of map line,
Bmw vTPS,
printed TPS adapter,
and a plug in vTPS adapter harness to connect to your stock tps plug.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 5 in

10 reviews for Miata 89-93 NA6 Full plug and play kit.

  1. J. Miller (verified owner)

    I have had this kit for a week and, so far, I am very pleased. Super easy installation. Shipping was prompt. The items included appear to be very good quality and the tune that comes pre-loaded works great. I had to make very few adjustments to the tune to get my car running properly. Customer support is also fantastic. Reached out with some questions via Facebook and received an initial response in about an hour (early Sunday morning, too). All questions were answered thoroughly.

    Only “complaint” is that the tune is based on an older version of Speeduino from April 2018 (several updates to Speeduino have been made since then). But not that big of a deal as its pretty easy to port it the tune over to the newer versions of Speeduino.

    Overall, very happy with my purchase and the service that SpeedyEFI provides. Would definitely recommend.

  2. Alex Gunn (verified owner)

    Product is exactly what i wanted. I wanted to get into modifying my miata, but its a small project and i’m no mechanic, so i did not want to over invest.

    Product came well packaged with a quick delivery. Came with all the parts it needed except the Wideband sensor and gauge(which they now sell, so i would suggest you pick the AFR sensor/gauge at the same time and then you have the complete kit to go SpeedyEFI in one box).

    Parts included connector cable adapters so minimal wiring was required. Toughest part on the 1.6 was getting the TPS on without removing the throttle body (I did it, but be prepared to use 3 hands).

    Once i was all connected I downloaded the latest base map, updated the software on the box to match the latest base map and the damn thing fired up first time! There is some mild tuning to be done after, but that is a whole separate project.

  3. Monkey Wrenching

    Absolutely the best pnp for the NA6 Miata, everyone who gets one agrees. You can see my turbo car running it, on my youtube channel. We also out this in my brothers car, which is NA at the moment. Even just on the base tune, he saw immediate gains everywhere. A little tweaking of the map here and there, runs amazing.

  4. Lucas D (verified owner)

    This really is plug and play. Setup is unbelievably easy and the car is pretty much ready to go immediately. On top of all that, Speedy EFI’s customer service is among the best I’ve ever been in contact with.

  5. Nicholas W. (verified owner)

    Great device, I haven’t touched all that it can offer but it does what I need it for! Perfect for that boost daily!!!

    Specs: 1.6 ’90 Miata>’92 engine, gt2554, 148whp @ 7psi @ 5600 on 92 octane

  6. Harrison (verified owner)

    Good product, easy and straightforward install process. I had no trouble getting the vehicle started on a basemap and then my tuner had no issues in tuning. AC Idle up feature is the only modification I plan to add myself! Other than that, 100% perfect for my needs.

    specs: 1.6 long nose 92 miata, m45 supercharger kit running 6 psi

  7. Kelvin (verified owner)

    Impossible to beat for the price.
    Plug and play with sensors included makes it easy.
    Same tuning software as Megasquirt products.
    Runs a turbo setup and larger injectors with ease.

  8. Joey

    What nobody will tell you online is that if you have a manual swapped car this will not work (and thus far I haven’t found a way to make it work). The automatic cars come with a different pinout on the ecu wiring harness as well as a completely different throttle body which will not work with the provided tps. The automatic cars come with a vtps which has 4 pins, unlike the manual cars which come with 3. I’d also like to add that I emailed speedyefi about this and have not gotten any response as of 6-14-2021.

    • Isaac

      There are plenty of auto to manual cars running our ecu, join the Speedyefi troubleshooting group on facebook, and there is a picture showing how to use your auto tps. We are two guys working 12hr days most weeks, so if we missed your email, I apologize. Messenger or the fB group is always a better way to communicate.

  9. Nicholas W. (verified owner)

    Great device, I haven’t touched all that it can offer but it does what I need it for! Perfect for that boost daily!!!

    Specs: 1.6 ’90 Miata>’92 engine, gt2554, 148whp @ 7psi @ 5600 on 92 octane

    EDITS: still on this after two years and it has yet to fail me, very pleased overall, firmware updates are handy as well! Would recommend for anyone looking to have something reliable and inexpensive.

    Specs: 1.6 ’90 Miata>’92 engine, gt2554, 200whp @ 12psi @ 3400 on 92 octane, launch/no lift shift, electronic boost controller, Coil on plugs

  10. Zachary clark (verified owner)

    Love it worth every penny. I did mess up and forget to pull the at fuse before I powered it up so I have to jump the fp off the box but perfect other them that.

    • Isaac

      When you are ready to have it repaired, send us a message.

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