Fishdog (UA4C Seawolf) Speeduino ECU.


Speeduino Fishdog UA4C ECU

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The UA4C uses SMD technology to make a 4 ignition/4 injection channel board smaller, and with more features. It is a bottom mounted Arduino MEGA shield. The MEGA is placed upside down on top of it.

This makes the total ECU package size a 4.25in x 5.75in footprint, and less than 1.5in thick.
All of the outputs (except for stepper idle) include an LED for quick troubleshooting during setup.
An externally accessible jumper blocks resetting of the system when a USB cable is connected.

All of our Speeduino Fishdog ECUs come fully assembled, stepper idle driver, and dual vr conditioner mounted, Mega2560 pre loaded with firmware, cased with printed end caps, and ready to complete your engine management needs.

Harness options include:

No harness, headers and pins included
2ft harness, fully pinned with 2ft of 20awg TXL/GXL
8ft harness, fully pinned with 8ft of 20awg TXL/GXL

– 4 ignition channels (up to 6-8 cylinders in Wasted Spark and Semi-Sequential fuel setups, up to 16 cylinders with distributor(s) and batch fire fuel!)
– 4 injector channels
– 4 high current outputs (idle, idle2, boost, vvt)
– 8 low current outputs (fuel pump, tachometer, fan, fan2, aux1-4)
– DRV8825 stepper idle module and DSC Dual VR Signal Conditioner daughtercards are built in to each of our Fishdog units.
– 5v Vref
– VVT drive
– Boost control

– MAP (250kpa standard, up to 400kPa optional) and separate barometer for real time baro correction.
– Voltage correction
– Throttle position
– Coolant and incoming air temperature
– Oxygen sensor
– Flex fuel
– Launch
– Knock (future code update)
– 2 spare inputs
– GP i/o
– VR or Hall input triggers

– Serial3 routed to external connector (optional CAN with future module)
– Bluetooth header with blocking diode to allow use of USB

Our Fishdog units run Speeduino firmware, and all of the currently available Speeduino features are fully functional.

As always, free shipping in the continental US.

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Weight 32 oz
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No Harness, 2ft Harness, 8ft Harness


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