Denso 76 Breakout Board


Got a 80’s to 90’s Fine Japanese automobile? Does it use a Denso ECU plug? This bad boy will fit everything from Mazda Miata, FC/FD RX-7, Honda Civic, Ford Escort/Festiva, Toyota MR2, and a ton of others

Not all of them use all four plugs. Subaru used 3 of them, with all the emissions parts on the smallest plug. While 90-93 and 94-95 Miata uses the two largest plugs. Your mileage may vary, see your Factory Service Manual for details.

Our breakout boards are 2 ounce copper traces built to handle the current loads of automotive accessories without the huge markup of the competition.

If you order the breakout as “assembled,” they will come with the denso76 header installed, minimolex headers installed, and be ready to crimp and stuff pins.

If you order the breakout as “not assembled,” it will include all of the parts (breakout board, denso76 header, male/female minimolex, and pins, all packed together and ready to be soldered.

If you order the breakout as “No Molex,” you will receive a denso76 header, and breakout board only.

All versions will come with our printed case for the breakout card.

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Assembled (ready for pin crimping), Not assembled (loose board, header, male/female molex, pins), No Molex (denso76 header and breakout board only)


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