94-95 NA8 miata plug and play ECU kit.

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Everything you need to convert your 94-95 NA8 miata to standalone ECU.

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If you are ready to upgrade your 94-95 NA8 Miata to a standalone ECU setup, you have come to the right place.

Building on the success of our NA6 plug and play ECUs, we now offer the same quality and ease of use you expect from a SpeedyEFI product, but for the 94-95 NA8 cars.

The kit includes everything you need to convert your miata to a SpeedyEFI standalone:

A plug and play ECU, pre loaded with firmware and tune, ready to install,

maf delete plug pinned for the included GM intake air temp sensor,

and 10ft of vac line to connect the onboard MAP sensor.

Hoping to have a few of these in stock by Friday the 17th.


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Weight 20 oz

2 reviews for 94-95 NA8 miata plug and play ECU kit.

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying I’ve had this ECU since August. I am/was a complete novice to tuning when I decided to pick this up. Ran into a few roadblocks at the beginning (user error) but I had the car running within minutes of setting up this kit. Sure the idle control and starting is a little lacking at first compared to Megasquirt but spend some time with it and pretty soon it’s dialed in.
    This kit has been amazing for the price. Chris is always there to answer any questions which has proved to be a huge help. Once my car hit the dyno it made 130whp on a Mustang dyno full N/A. I’ve been super pleased with this kit and it’s been a joy to get into the world of tuning. Updates are always being released to improve your experience and have something new to toy around with. Be patient with tuning and it will reward you. Can’t recommend this kit enough!

  2. Casey smith (verified owner)

    This is what life is all about kids . Throw that stupid tv/videogame console away and go learn something usefull . 10 stars for customer support . Not one single complaint from me except i wish he added a few more stickers and a shirt so i could REPRESENT this almost unheard of brand 24/7

    • Isaac

      I’m making up designs for a new shirt 😉

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