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NA6 PNP w/tps, base tune and .ini

Here is the current base tune our NA6 PNP (with tps) units ship with.


PNP base tune-tps

2 thoughts on “NA6 PNP w/tps, base tune and .ini

  1. Hey good day ,I bought one of your plug n play for my 1.6na miata and wanted to find out which wire do hook my boost guage up to and if i do need to add wiring for the the launch control to work , so my main goal is to get launch control and boost control set up and working ,any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Launch control just needs enabled in software. (your upper clutch switch is likely bad)
      The speedy doesn’t need anything from a boost gauge, it has its own internal map sensor.
      Boost control for a MAC valve type setup is output on the purge valve pin.

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