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Miata NA6 PNP update

With the launch of the newest revision of the NA6 PNP boards, AC control is enabled without modifications to the board.

These instructions are for board revision 1.8w only. If you have questions send us a message via email or facebook.

Step 1 is to connect to your ecu with tunerstudio.
Open the idle-up menu, in the idle dropdown menu.
Then turn Idle Up Enabled to “on”, set it to pin 38, with normal polarity.
The next box is how much idle valve duty cycle that will be added when you press the AC button. 20 is a good starting point, but you may find 10-15 acceptable.

The Idle Up Output is what is triggering your AC compressor relay. Turn this to “on”, without inverting and output on pin 36.

This sets your ECU up to accept the “AC request” from your HVAC system, prepare the engine, and then turn on the AC compressor.

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