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Is this your first time hearing about Speeduino?

Speeduino is an open-source engine management platform, based on the Arduino Mega platform, designed to give everyone a cheap, easy and practical engine management solution for a variety of automotive applications.
With support for 1 cylinder to 8 cylinder engines, and rotaries up to two rotors, Speeduino is the fastest growing community of tuners.

Assembled Fishdog boards can be found here.

As well as our current list of Plug-And-Plays



Feature List:

  • 16×16 3D fuel and ignition maps, with base of either TPS (Alpha-N) or MAP (Speed Density)
  • Supports up to 8 cylinders fuel and ignition with 4 channels of fuel and 4 channels of ignition outputs
    • 1, 2 (Even fire only), 3 and 4 cylinder engines with full sequential fuel and ignition
    • 6 (even fire only) and 8 cylinder engines are supported with wasted spark and 2 squirts per cycle
  • 6×6 3D individual cylinder trim on engines up to 4 cylinders
  • After Start Enrichment
  • Rev limiting (Spark based, hard and soft)
  • Cranking specific enrichment, dwell timing and advance
  • General logging through TunerStudio
  • High speed tooth logging
  • TPS calibration through TunerStudio
  • Sensor calibration through TunerStudio (Coolant, IAT and O2)
  • Warm Up Enrichment (WUE)
  • TPS based acceleration enrichment
  • Tacho output
  • Fuel pump activation/deactivation (With priming)
  • Over dwell and over duty protection
  • Battery voltage compensation for dwell and injectors
  • Modular wheel decoder support. Included decoders:
    • Missing tooth (Eg 36-1, 60-2 etc)
    • Dual wheel (Evenly spaced teeth on crank, single tooth on cam)
    • Basic distributor
    • GM 7X
    • GM 24X
    • 4g63 aka 4/2
    • ‘Jeep 2000’
    • Audi 135
    • Miata 99-05
    • Honda D17 (12+1)
    • Nissan 360
    • Subaru 6/7
    • Taking requests…
  • Open and closed loop idle control (PWM and Stepper)
  • Closed loop boost control
  • Open loop VVT control
  • Deceleration fuel cut off (DFCO)
  • Launch control
  • Flex fuel
  • O2 based autotune (Registered version of TunerStudio required)

You can find more information on the wiki,  Be warned, the mobile version of the wiki does not work.

4 thoughts on “Is this your first time hearing about Speeduino?

  1. Hello. Chris Cashion told me about your company and said you probably have what I want.

    I want to run a basic management system for my nissan vg33e. It has crank position sensor. Maf. distributor with integrated coil and cam sensor. And I’d like to run some kind of closed loop fuel system running off a wideband 02 sensor.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. The best way to get ahold of us is through facebook messenger @speedyefi, the next best way to get ahold of us is through the email address at the bottom of this page, and the slowest way would be to comment on the website.

      You could pretty easily wire up your VG30 to our fishdog board with the 8ft harness, removing all of the factory BS.

      Or you could use the 2ft harness and wire it straight to the factory connector location, which would save you the hassle of removing the intake manifold.

      Or you can message us and we can build you a PNP unit. I believe we have one of the ECU headers in house to build a PNP that connects directly to the stock ECU header.

      Any way you do it, you can delete your MAF, we don’t use it.

  2. very interested in the product, and would really like to purchase but i am trying to figure out how much support (if any) or what kind of functionality/tuneability is available for the older Audi 2.3(7a) or the 2.2L turbo (AAN/URS4) I5 DOHC engine . is there a possibility of PNP?

    1. Send us an email to or and we will get you sorted out.

      Check out the blog post titled “is this your first time hearing about speeduino?” if you have any other questions, feel free to ask us.

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