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How to update firmware and load a base tune


Step 1. Download the newest version of SpeedyLoader, the Speeduino firmware and base tune program.
Step 2. Use SpeedyLoader to update to the firmware of your choice.
Step 3. Click “Get Base Tune”, this will save a copy of the base tune you select to your “Downloads” folder.
Note 1: It’s important that your base tune that you select matches the firmware signature that comes on it. Loading mystery tunes into mystery firmware will create interesting results.
Note 2: It’s extremely important that you select a base tune that has the correct Board Type that you purchased. If you load a tune with the incorrect board type, it can cause catastrophic damage to your car or ECU.

18 thoughts on “How to update firmware and load a base tune

  1. Hey Chris, I recently bought a 94-95 pnp ecu 2nd hand. Just looking for some help getting my ecu set up correctly. Some questions I have are
    1. Where do I download the toning soft ware?
    2. Being this ecu is second hand, I do not have any kind of instruction of installing and updates firmware/software. Is this something you may provide?

    1. All of our ecus tune with Tunerstudio.
      Join the SpeedyEFI troubleshooting and support facebook group if you haven’t already.
      Firmware and tune are in Speedyloader, if you are starting out, we suggest 202012 firmware.
      Use the 89-95 base tune, set injectors to semi-seq, set required fuel, set fuel pump to A9, and calibrate all sensors.

  2. i recently picked up a 91 1.6 turbo miata, came equipped with one of these speedy efi ecus. never heard of it, never seen it, but i am wondering how do i get the current tune off this ecu. or how can i access the tube to make changes? thanks in advanced

    1. Everything is done with Tunerstudio. You will need the arduino IDE from for the driver package as well.

  3. hey chris im having troubles finding the base tune for the 90-93 pnp kit everthing i see is telling me the base tune is in the blog but i cant find it anywhere this is my first time doing anything like this and i have no idea where to go if you could get back to me that would be great thank you

    1. The 89-95 base tune is available in Speedyloader. Download it, select your firmware version, and hit “get base tunes”

  4. hi chris everything seems to be auto connecting to my speedyefi ecu and ive downloaded speedyloader and even have the pnp stock na6 tune downloaded but i have a tubro installed was wondering if that tune works and also no option says speedyefi 89-94 option is the pnp stock tune fine to run on my na6?

    1. If you are making boost, you will need to scale all those tables for positive pressure. the basic base tune is for n/a

  5. Where can I find a 97 Impreza/ Gc8 base tune

    1. Use the generic base tune in speedyloader, then go through and set your I/O settings.

  6. Just installed my 89-93 miata ecu with the base tune and the sensors calibrated, it seems to be running rich but I am not sure. Are there any steps in the setup process that I missed? I also still have the AFM connected to the pipes but not plugged in.

    1. The base tune has to start everything from 350,000mi crusty shitboxes to pristine 20,000 beauties. If you are up and running, now its time to start getting it dialed in. Join the Speedyefi troubleshooting and support facebook group as well.

  7. Alrighty. I got a 97 1.8 miata. I have everything setup and calibrated all the sensors except the throttle positon. It reads out a constant of 126 at closed Throttle and full throttle when i try to calibrate it. I’ve searched everywhere and no luck. I’m using version 202207. Could this be a version issue? It’s making me frustrated lol

    1. I think I got you covered in the Speedyefi support group on FB.

  8. I have a 91 mazda miata with a 1.8 motor in it and i keep having fuel cut issues what should i do?

    1. You left out all of the pertinent info, but if you make a post on the Speedyefi troubleshooting and support facebook group with your tune and a datalog, you will get help.

  9. hey, im sorry if im asking the same question but i have a 91 miata 1.6 .

    past couple months ive been turboing it . finally got to the fire up stage , fires right up but i cant get the tps sensor to calibrate. (so far it just keeps counting on up such as 8..9..10..11..12 when checking the Throttle when its open or closed)

    i have a automatic throttle body with a 4 pin connector and a i just upgraded to the speediefi bmw na plug and play vtps. i had to hard wire the connnections. i know i set it up right because i did extensive research but also you can hear the fuel pump prime. i can rearrange the wires and 1 way it wont start, another way the throttle reads wide open , and the last way the throttle adc counts just keep climbing slowly on open and closed reading the same number.

    Car runs just wont register when applying pressure to the throttle. ( when on , car will try and cut out but the car will catch itself and idle up after a second .

    need help so i can move onto possibly driving this car

    running speediefi standalone pnp ecu
    with rx7 450cc injectors
    Aem wideband with o2 sensor and odbII option

    1. there are multiple threads in the Speedyefi support facebook group with pictures.

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