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90-93 Miata 1.6 base tune

Miata 90-93 PNP base tune and firmware

This is the base tune and firmware for our 90-93 miata PNP.

2 thoughts on “90-93 Miata 1.6 base tune

  1. is there a base tune for a NA 1.6 Turbo build.
    Bought your kit but know nothing about tuning. Thought I give it a shot.

    1. All of our PNP units ship with a “stock” tune pre loaded, they will plug in and run a stock motor with ease. There is no way to make a generic turbo tune, each car/turbo is different, and what works for one will very easily blow up another. Send me a message on the facebook page and I can point you in the right direction.

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