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90-93 Base Tune Update

It’s been more than a full year since we updated our base tune. A lot has changed since then.
We included the base tune MSQ, and the configuration INI file for tunerstudio. This is for the 201903 firmware.

Click here to download the na6 base tune.

12 thoughts on “90-93 Base Tune Update

  1. Cheers mate,

    Does this include tps in the tune. I can’t seem to get good function of AE with tps connected and end up with a huge flat spot.

    1. This base tune is for a USDM 1.6 car that is 100% stock, with airbox and AFM in place. It uses only the worst 87 octane fuel we could find locally.

      You may find some improvement by decreasing the accel time from 300 to 75-100, and changing the tpsDOT up or down, as well as tuning the amount of fuel in for your specific application.

      If you have any other questions message us through facebook, or send one of us an email (emails are at the bottom of this page)

  2. Is there a base map availble for an 96 1.8? thanks

    1. It’s the same engine and sensors as the 94-95. All of the information and tunes for 94-95 are applicable to 96-98 as long as it’s the same ECU board.

      If you’re using a fishdog, send us an email and we’ll get you sorted out.

  3. Hello, would this work OK for a 2000 NB 1.6 with some changes to sensors etc? I’m struggling to get my car started at the moment using the NA6 base tune provided through speedyloader.

    1. Uh, the wiring harness is different.
      Check the na6 harness vs the diagrams for your car.

  4. Why is it that the base tune isn’t working , I’ve tried idle setting , spark setting , fuel settings , and all it does is high idle and have no throttle response . I’ve even tried to correct the accel enrichment and nothing works. Also anytime you try to powercycle to change parameters tunerstudio does not read the reset

    1. You may want to take some time and familiarize yourself with tunerstudio. There are great guides on efianalytics, youtube, and the speeduino wiki.
      If you’re not interested in learning to tune it yourself, DCworx and Steve’s Remote Tuning both offer great services with remote tuning.

  5. This may seem like a really dumb question, but when installing the PNP kit for a 90 Miata, we are told to remove the 10 amp fuse under the hood before powering the ECU on. Once everything has been hooked up and the car is ready to run, should this fuse be replaced? Left out of the fuse box? I ran the car without realizing the fuse was disconnected. It was running okay but had some fuel cutting issues.

    1. ST-SIG fuse needs to be removed and stay removed any time a SpeedyEFI pnp is installed in an na6.

  6. Havent Had any luck with this base tune, I cant even get the car to idle on its own

    1. The base tune on our website is for 201903 firmware. Please don’t mix and match base tunes and firmwares, you will have unexpected results.

      Once you get the correct base tune, and correct firmware matched up, the base tune is a base for you to start tuning. If you can’t tune, you can find a local tuner, or contact DCworx, Steves Remote Tuning, or us directly.

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