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Connecting your SpeedyEFI Speeduino board to Tunerstudio

How do I connect my Speeduino to Tunerstudio?

This guide is extremely outdated. If you have trouble using the automatized setup in Tunerstudio, send us a message on Facebook or via Email.
Step 1. Figure out what firmware is on your speeduino. You can use this guide.

Step 2. Download, install and open Tunerstudio.

Step 3. On the main screen, click “Create New Project”.

Step 4. In the name field, put whatever you want. Leave the project directory alone.

Step 5. In the firmware section do not click detect. You will waste your time. It doesn’t work. Click “Other/Browse” and navigate to the Speeduino.INI file for the firmware you’re using. You can download the appropriate INI file from the speeduino firmware wiki. The SpeedyLoader software will also have an INI if you’ve used SpeedyLoader to update the firmware.

Step 6. Just keep clicking “next” through all the windows to select all the default settings. Default gauge layout, default units of measure, etc.

Step 7. Once you see the grayed out gauge cluster with “NOT CONNECTED” across the top, click the Communications dropdown box and click “Settings”.

Step 8. Change the COM port to whichever COM your Speeduino connects to. Usually it’s COM4 through 10. COM1 is the Windows default. It’s probably not COM1. If nothing is populated in the boxes, your computer isn’t seeing the Speedy. If you are using USB, make sure you do not have a bluetooth module installed, as the bluetooth module uses the same lines to talk.

Step 9. Do not click “Test Port” or “Detect”. They don’t work. Just click Accept.

Step 10. After a few seconds, you should see a loading bar show up across the top as Tunerstudio loads the tune from the Speedy.

If you don’t see the gauges pop to life, hit Communications > Settings > and select the COM port of your speedy. If nothing is populated in the box, install the Arduino software from (it’s free) and install it. Once it is installed, reboot the computer.

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  1. Hello Chris,
    I’m having trouble having the speedyefi connecting to tunerstudio. I’ve followed the steps but can’t seem to get it to load base map.

    1. The best way to message us is through Facebook messenger, or emailing me directly at

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